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Used SUV Vehicles for sale in Augusta, ME

Used SUVs Are The Right Choice

Is it time to replace your car? Are you looking for a car that fits your family's needs and budget? Have you considered a used SUV? We at O'Connor Volkswagen in Augusta have several used SUVs to choose from in various interior and exterior colors you will love.

O'Connor Volkswagen Augusta ME

Used SUV Overview

There is no short cut on quality, style, or characteristics. A used SUV has power steering and comfortable seating. A state-of-the-art entertainment display keeps your devices connected. Some models have cameras to see different angles; head-up display, keyless entry, lane and park assist, and tow hooks with V-8 and diesel engines. Other brands have heated seats, four-wheel disc brakes, cargo area, and hidden storage compartments in the interior. There are many models that can drive on any terrain, so you can take it virtually anywhere. The gas mileage is good. Some of the SUVs are hybrids. They have engines and electric motors. You will be pleased with the SUVs at O'Connor Volkswagen in Augusta. You and your family will find it appealing. It will give you the strength you need to handle your work. It will give your family space, safety, and security they will enjoy. There are more than a few reasons to buy a used SUV for your commute from Waterville to Auburn.

Why Buy A Used SUV?

A used SUV will cost less than a new one. It has miles on it from the previous owner and used features, both inside and out. The value of it has gone down. You can benefit from that. A car worth $50,000 brand new is only worth about $30,000 after one or two years of wear and tear.

A used SUV gives you the ability to add the extras you want to it without the price going out of your budget. Many features in new cars are optional and will cost more. Those same items on a used car are already built-in. A new car may come with standard features that are not touched. With a used SUV, you can pick and choose the items you want in or out of the car. You are more likely to get the type of SUV you want, with the built-in features you want, if you get a used car.

It Saves Money

A used SUV does not have the same fees as a new car. A new car has state and local fees associated with it, as well as insurance and finance charges. With a used car, the fees can be negotiated. Plus, if you trade in your old car, you will receive your money back. The money can offset the cost. The insurance on a used car will be less expensive. If you get into an accident, the parts on an old car cost less to replace than on a new car.

A used SUV is more reliable than it was several years ago. The carmakers improve on safety and technology every year.

It Is Guaranteed

There is the confidence of knowing the car will be put into good condition by the dealership. O'Connor Volkswagen in Augusta is going to make sure the parts are repaired, and the vehicle will look as close to new as possible. The SUV will be inspected to meet certification requirements. There is a warranty covering a specific number of years and miles. The used SUV warranty may be better, in some cases, than the new car warranty.

Visit O'Connor Volkswagen Today!

With a used SUV, the previous owner has done all the work for you. All you have to do is visit our website or walk into our showroom in Augusta. We carry many different models and brands from Honda to Jeep and, of course, Volkswagen. No matter if you're in Winthrop or Brunswick, you are bound to find the one that is right for you. Lewiston and Rockland customers can also check out our used inventory online as well.